Jim and Connie Calaway



Jim Calaway is a name that resonates deeply with the residents of the Roaring Fork Valley in Colorado. With an unwavering commitment to the community, Calaway has significantly impacted the region through his philanthropic endeavors and dedication to social and educational causes.

Jim moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in the 1970s and instantly fell in love with the area’s natural beauty and close-knit community. He quickly became an active member of the region, involving himself in various organizations and working tirelessly to make a positive difference. One of Calaway’s notable contributions to the Roaring Fork Valley is his philanthropy. Calaway has provided substantial financial support to numerous educational and social causes, including scholarships, healthcare programs, and environmental initiatives.

Calaway’s dedication to education is particularly impactful. He has played a key role in establishing the Colorado Mountain College Foundation, which provides financial aid and educational opportunities to students in the region. His contributions have helped attract talented educators and enhance the quality of education offered at the college. Moreover, Calaway’s efforts in founding the Summer Advantage program have enabled low-income students to bridge the achievement gap during the summer break and maintain their academic progress.

Environmental conservation is another area where Calaway has exerted a significant influence. He served as the President of the Aspen Valley Land Trust, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving open spaces and wildlife habitats in the valley. Calaway’s leadership and financial contributions helped protect thousands of acres of land for future generations to enjoy.

Beyond his philanthropic activities, Calaway has been actively involved in various community organizations, serving on numerous boards and committees.  He has lent his expertise to organizations such as the Aspen Community Foundation, the Aspen Institute, and the Aspen Music Festival and School. Calaway’s unwavering commitment and tireless efforts have earned him the admiration and respect of his fellow community members.

Connie came into Jim’s sphere of influence at the end of a winding road that led through New York City where she landed a solo part at the Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein and Rudolph Steiner at the age of 22.  Her accomplishments there included bringing an arts education program through the Lincoln Center Institute to Houston. “We took teachers through the process of creativity,” she explained. She first remembers meeting Jim when she took a job marketing high rise condominiums and he came to inquire about the penthouse. It was Connie who took the initiative by placing a trio of ballet tickets on her desk for him to notice, then asking him to join.

“He fell into the trap,” she recalled. “He practically ran out the door, went across the street to his office and called me back 20 minutes later asking me to dinner on his sailboat.”

Jim Calaway’s impact on the Roaring Fork Valley cannot be overstated. His generosity, leadership, and dedication have shaped the region, leaving a lasting legacy that will benefit the community for years to come. Through his philanthropy and active involvement in various organizations, Calaway has created a model of community engagement for others to follow. The Roaring Fork Valley owes a debt of gratitude to Jim Calaway for his immense contributions and his belief in the power of individuals to make a difference.