Cache Cache Bistro

Our History

Cache Cache is operated by working Co-owners Jodi Larner and Chris Lanter. Jodi has been a partner in the business since 1989, two years after its doors opened in October of 1987. She has firmly established the clientele and attributes the success of the restaurant to these faithful patrons who have supported Cache Cache for so long. Their restaurant philosophy is based on an unrelenting emphasis on table service, wine service and the highest quality food which they have never sacrificed.

Chef Lanter joined the team as executive chef in August of 2000. He partnered with Larner in June of 2004. With two years of apprenticeship in three restaurants in France as his culinary schooling, Lanter reinstated classical French Cuisine as the foundation to this modern American Bistro. With a focus on constantly striving to improve quality and never loosening the reins, the cuisine has evolved into unpretentious, clean, and satisfying food. The quality and freshness of ingredients has become pivotal to Lanter’s philosophy on cooking.

Sous Chef Nathan King joined the Cache Cache team in 2003. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, he has been a creative force invaluable to the progression of Cache Cache. King and the solidity of the kitchen staff are major factors in the success of Lanter’s kitchen.

With significant investments made in the wine program, Larner and Lanter were fortunate to acquire Sommelier Alex Harvier. A native of France, his knowledge of wine and experience in service has elevated the standard at Cache Cache to the next level. With over 5000 bottles of inventory, the wine list has expanded to over 100 pages. Cache Cache has become a destination for wine connoisseurs.

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