Creative Spark Studio

Creative Spark Studio is a nonprofit arts and social services organization serving the needs of individuals and families through counseling, expressive arts therapy practices and personal growth workshops, classes and retreats. We partner with other non-profit organizations and local businesses to foster our commitment to community collaboration.

We offer a safe place for people to explore the magic of the creative process. Our studio is dedicated to using expressive arts practices to promote personal healing and professional empowerment.

Through education, self-discovery and creative expression, our clients realize a sense of hope, renewal and power. Creative Spark Studio is a dynamic environment fostering the spirit of diversity, collaboration, mentorship and community.

The expressive arts and healing workshops, retreats and individual counseling sessions offer a place to safely engage in creative exploration. By engaging in creative play, we offer ways to uncover and rediscover your true creative essence – offering new opportunities and pathways to the authentic resourceful self.

We embrace diversity in all of its manifestations opening our services to any and all that feel drawn to our door as we paint, draw, journal, drum, move, sing and write through workshops, rituals and ceremonies that allow us to find and feel our inner beauty and connect with one another.