The Marble Gallery

                                                Fall is a great time to visit Marble Colorado! 

Christy Villalobos and  Mario Villalobos are the owners of The Marble Gallery.  Mario began making marble wine racks in 1985 and realized that the stone’s natural and consistent coolness kept wine refrigerated. The marble coolers became great gifts that were gorgeous and practical. We soon expanded our inventory to include clocks, glow lamps, single wine bottle coolers, and wildflower collectibles, all from the pure white stone that our local quarry provides.

      The Marble Gallery now exhibits locally carved marble gifts, sculptures, and Colorado made items on display in our gallery each summer and Fall.   

Our mission with our business is to provide a platform for local artists and creators to thrive by doing what they love. We also aim to support the Marble community through philanthropy and sponsorships.     


Contact us through the following channels: 

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: 1-(970)-963-7117