The Village Smithy

The Village Smithy Restaurant has been a Carbondale icon since it opened in 1975. Chris and Terry Chacos, moved to Carbondale to escape a “growing Aspen,” and nourished the idea of opening a restaurant. They decided to turn this charming ‘black smith’ building  into a community restaurant. With the help of friends and many talented locals, they created Carbondale’s gathering place!

Today, we are proud this is the place where the community goes for a quality meal or to meet with friends. I bought “The Smithy” in 1998 from my parents so they could be snowbirds, relaxing in Phoenix. I continually strive to serve our locals and visitors with quality food and drink in an eclectic and enthusiastic environment.

I sincerely “thank you” for being with us and trusting  your dining experience will be a  memorable one.

                                                                                                                                                              Charlie Chacos