US Forest Service back to horses


The US Forest Service (USFS) in Carbondale, Colorado, is utilizing horses for backcountry work. Horses provide a unique advantage when it comes to navigating rugged terrain and carrying heavy loads that can be difficult for humans to transport.

 Member of the US Forest Service mounted on his horse leading several packhorses 

These specially trained horses play a crucial role in maintaining trails, transporting supplies, and conducting search and rescue missions in the vast backcountry of the White River National Forest. Their strength and agility make them invaluable partners in these remote areas where motorized vehicles are not allowed. In addition to their usefulness in transporting equipment, horses also provide a more eco-friendly alternative to using vehicles, minimizing the impact on the natural environment. Their hooves are less likely to disrupt fragile ecosystems, and they produce no emissions, unlike motorized vehicles.

The bond between the USFS employees and their horses is strong, as they work closely together to accomplish tasks in challenging conditions. The horses undergo rigorous training to ensure they are prepared for the demands of backcountry work, and their handlers are experienced in caring for and working with them. Overall, the use of horses in backcountry work by the USFS is a testament to the importance of traditional methods in modern conservation efforts. These animals play a vital role in maintaining the beauty and accessibility of the backcountry for visitors to enjoy for years to come.