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Welcome to my colorful world of landscape painting!
COLOR is central to both my life and my contemporary work.. I love it and everything about it brings me joy. Color gets me out of bed in the morning and its visceral nature, the way it makes a person react and feel, fascinates me.

I paint PLEIN AIRE (Outdoors & On-Location) and attempt to capture the elusive moment of the NOW in every origonal landscape. The unpredictability of weather conditions add to the excitement of painting outside and it plays an integral role in my artistic expression.

MUSIC is also a major component in my artistic existence. For 25 years, I enjoyed promoting live music with my husband, Bob. Together, we have raised money and brought 223 free weekly acts to our mountain town with the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz. The free expression and joyous quality of Jazz, played outdoors, appeals to the spontinaity of my artistic nature.

HOME defines and influences me. Six animals, three children (Charlie/ 29, Vallee/ 27, Claire/ 24, one spouse of 32years, and two nephews and a niece who live nearby, all regularly make my purple house overflow with love and laughter.

Another major influence on not only my work and world has been *PARKINSON’S DISEASE. At 35, doctors diagnosed me with early onset Parkinson’s Disease, which progressed slowly until the severity of my symptoms motivated me to undergo Deep Brain Stimulation surgery(DBS) three years ago. The surgery’s success has been miraculous and is visible in the renewed calmness of my strokes and increased approachability of my work. I AM BACK!

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