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Lea Tyler crafts incredible artisan bowls out of the Carbondale SAW facility. For over twenty years, Peggy Potter produced luminous hand-painted wooden bowls. Often called “the perfect wedding gift,” these bowls are considered heirlooms by many. In order to preserve this art form, Peggy had been seeking the right person to carry on the business.

Lea returned to the Green Mountain State to regroup and find her next path. One fortuitous evening when friends were together, Peggy realized Lea was the perfect artisan to take over her bowl company; Lea realized this was the perfect business opportunity. So, the two women worked together for months making the exciting transition.

This transformation could not be more perfect for both artists: Lea, finding a new business venture in life and Peggy, finding assurance that her art form will be continued. Excited and inspired, they reciprocate energy, new colors, new designs, and new products!

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