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Basalt Select Thrift Store and its DBA, Western Slope Reusable Materials is a local independant 501(c)3 corporation supporting Roaring Fork Education by helping to fund wellness and sustainability programs in our local schools. We are in our 5th year with a mission to support “Local Sustainable Food Efforts” e.g. helping to fund greenhouses at local schools, hosting local raw-milk shares, produce, meats etc. BSTS/WSRM is administered by a Board of Directors made up of local business professionals who share WSRM’s vision for supporting our Valley’s education and sustainability initiatives.
 “We are concerned with meeting the needs of the present without  compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
We believe that “green” programs are necessary in our schools to teach the youth of today about recycling and sustainability. However, most school districts throughout Colorado have been forced to cut back on curriculum due to economic pressures. WSRM was established as a channel to help fund educational initiatives to involve young people in sustainability projects and programs.
Basalt Select Thrift Store raises these funds primarily by donations of pre-owned and unwanted clothing, shoes, books etc. Items provided by our local community. These donations are collected by depositing the items in one of our drop-boxes.
We work directly with schools and parent/student groups in order to ensure our funding is used for programs and projects that promote effective sustainable issues. funding is given as a grant directly to the school or organization. That means you not only recycle when you drop- clothing etc. into one of our drop-boxes but you also support important green education in our local schools.
While education is necessary, enlisting the support of community oriented businesses is also necessary to help motivate this initiative to educate our youth. People need local businesses and local businesses depend on local patronage. WSRM has become a bridge between the two asking Roaring Fork businesses to support Roaring Fork education and sustainable initiatives simply by hosting a collection box. In turn, we urge our network of school families and friends to support those same businesses.
Textile statistics show that 65% of our clothing in the U.S. goes to landfills. That’s thousands of tons each year. WSRM keeps over a half million pounds of good usable items out of our local landfills each year, and does relatively the same with recycle goods.

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