Blue Sky Adventures

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Why Blue Sky!

What makes Blue Sky the company you should choose?

What makes Blue Sky Adventures better than the rest?

Since 1975, we have had a simple way of answering these questions.

We are better because of our staff. Because we take pride in doing our jobs well. Because your safety is our greatest concern. Because we feel that a rafting trip is much more than a few hours floating on the river. Because we pay attention to your needs, and those of your kids, grandparents, and friends. Because we always want you to return.

This is our answer; but more importantly, it is the way we operate. Join us as our guest, and let us prove why we are simply the best.

Blue Sky Adventures
Since 1975, we have been dedicated to Safety, Service, and Professionalism.

Mission Statement:
Blue Sky Adventures strives to enrich people’s lives by providing a safe, professional, and outstanding Colorado rafting experience for all ages and ability levels. For over 30 years we have taken pride in maintaining a standard of rafting excellence and a legendary reputation for customer service that repeats itself year after year. We are a small company dedicated to creating cherished and lifelong memories by providing an unbelievable outdoor adventure that exceeds any of our guests’ expectations.

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