Boy Scout MTB trail

Head south on Hwy 82 1/2 mi south of mile marker 3. Turn left on Red Canyon Rd. Climb 3 miles to County 120 and turn left. Climb 1 1/2 miles to parking lot on right proceed to back of lot and pickup 4wd road. ( Optional car shuttle here for slackers or Huffy riders) Climb about 2-3 miles through a saddle and descend 1/4 mile to to a left down Bear Canyon. If you go right up a steep hill you can go to Hubbard Cave Trail (a serious adventure in itself). After 1/2-1 mile look for single track trail head onleft.THE BOY SCOUT TRAIL! 8 1/2 miles of single track on the south rim of Glenwood Canyon ending in a seriously steep one mile descent with cool switch backs and dizzying steeps. Back in town soak up some brew and walk over the bridge to the hot springs pool.

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