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Elissa Buckley


At the age of four, Elissa’s love of baking began by helping her Mom with her Grandma’s pie recipes. A year later she received Who’s That Short Chef cookbook. Elissa made her first recipe modification on the Snickerdoodle recipe from that book…”this needs more butter!” Since then she is always striving for the best possible taste from every goodie she creates.

Elissa grew up loving all sweets, but her least favorite was cake. Cake tended to lack in flavor and the frosting was sickly sweet. After college, she worked at Spruce Confections in Boulder. They made butter cakes with French-style buttercream. After one bite, she thought, where has this kind of cake been my whole life!

Before starting d’Elissious in the summer of 2009, Elissa was the pastry chef at The Little Nell, the only five star/five diamond, luxury hotel in Aspen.

Cake Philosophy

Here at d’Elissious our cakes are different. The pervasive use of artificial flavors, fillers and preservatives in today’s bakery items makes it difficult to remember what natural ingredients can taste like. Our cakes are made from scratch. Each cake is meticulously created with old fashioned integrity.

Our cake batters consist of wholesome ingredients like, butter, European chocolate, fine liquors, sour cream, and vanilla beans, not the cheap substitutes usually found in bakery cakes like, hydrogenated fats, non-dairy cream, and imitation butter flavor.

Furthermore, unlike the sickly sweet “buttercream” found in most bakeries that consists of shortening, powered sugar, and strong artificial flavorings to mask its’ tastelessness, our buttercream is authentic French style buttercream. First we make a meringue and then we add butter, real vanilla extract, and Grand Marnier.

We take pride in making the best product using the best possible ingredients and techniques. The difference is real!

Leave your guests with a sweet taste in their mouths from a d’Elissious cake.

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