Jaywalker Lodge

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Mission: Jaywalker Lodge provides hope and healing for men in recovery by treating each day as a promise of our future, not as a consequence of our past.

Values: Jaywalker Lodge drug and alcohol treatment center is a community of recovering people – staff, volunteers, and clients – all firmly rooted in the 12 Steps program. The Jaywalker community values the principles of integrity, personal accountability, and service to others above all else.

Philosophy:  At Jaywalker Lodge, we believe individuals who return to rehab treatment do so for many reasons – but none more important than the failure to grasp and fully personalize Step One of the 12 Steps program. Clients at Jaywalker will examine the impact of drugs and alcohol in all aspects of their lives through the writing and sharing of sections of their own life stories. This “section” work reveals the underlying truth about each individual’s struggles with addiction and recovery.



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