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King Yoga, located in Aspen, Colorado, provides a sacred space for all your yoga needs.
We offer a variety of classes guided by experienced instructors and host workshops with world-renowned teachers year round.

KY FLOW: Is a Vinyasa Flow style of yoga where each posture is linked by the breath. Classes are a creative and energetic union of heat-building sun-salutations, balancing, abdominal strength exercises, standing & seated postures, twists, backbends, and inversions, guided by a conscious breath to strengthen and calm the body and mind. Practicing a moving meditation. LEVEL 2/3
KY HOUR: 65 minutes of challenging flow with all the elements of a regular KY FLOW. Perfect for the practitioner trying to squeeze in a daily practice with limited time. 5 minutes for a blissful Savasana. ALL LEVELS
KY BASICS: This deep and challenging practice is perfect for beginners as well as those looking for a slower paced Vinyasa class (less Chaturanga Dandasana) or those who wish to bring it back to the fundamentals of alignment. ALL LEVELS

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