Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage

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Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage was established in 1955 by Margaret and Philip Isely, parents of the current leadership. They started the business by going door-to-door in Golden, Colorado, selling whole-grain bread and sharing nutrition information with people they met.

The Iselys found that the more health and nutrition knowledge their neighbors possessed, the healthier the food they wanted. Their door-to-door business was successful enough that within a short time they were able to open their first retail location – a modest storefront that looked like a cottage. And, yes, that’s where the original name Vitamin Cottage comes from.

More than 50 years after the company was founded, the commitment to service our customers has never changed:

Exceptional customer service

Free nutrition and health information

Highest quality products at affordable prices

Good jobs that support a balanced life

Minimal impact on the earth ecosystem

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