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Take a few steps into Tatry, Glenwood Springs’ new European/American restaurant, and one thing hits you. It’s all about the mountains.

With picture windows on three of its walls, the restaurant is spacious and quiet — a departure from the buzz of Grand Avenue, right outside. According to Barbara Hille, that sense of transportation is the point.

The eatery, which recently opened, is Hille’s parents’ vision. Born in Poland, Bernice and Andy Obrochta moved to Glenwood Springs in 1990, after growing successful businesses outside Chicago. Hille spoke about their past, about how her father rose from working in the meatpacking industry to owning his own deli, a restaurant and, finally, a banquet hall. Yes, she said, it was a bit of the American dream.

After traveling to Glenwood on vacation, her parents became smitten with the area — with the mountains, especially. It felt like they were back home. They bought the Caravan Inn and for nearly the last 20 years put down roots here. Now they’ve decided to share the tastes of their home country with Glenwood.

Named after the Polish mountain range, Tatry features a salad bar, home-made soups and a variety of lunch and dinner options, including traditional Polish dishes. The restaurant grinds its own meat and serves homemade sausage and barbecue. It also features a full bar.

“We wanted to give it a mountain look,” said Hille, from one of the restaurant’s booths. “We wanted to bring some of his (her father’s) country here.”

And it shows. Tatry is distinctly alpine, with wooden floors, earth tones and large windows. To her Hille tell it, they were simply trying to give people in the area another good place to eat.

“We just want to provide a good atmosphere, a nice family establishment,” she said.

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