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Welcome to our world, deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Snowmass and Aspen, Colorado. Since 1980, Thotics Inc. has been serving the custom fit and orthotic needs of this premier resort. Our level of service is exceeded only by our level of professionalism in the art and science of orthotic fabrication and custom ski boot fitting. Jack Rafferty, a trained Pedorthist by Ball State University, educated through The American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, American Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Society and a Masters level instructor with Masterfit University, is your host and resident expert. Thotic Shops are located inside Aspen Sports in the Snowmass Village Mall and in the Cooper St. Mall in Aspen. Both of our convenient locations offer state of the art boot fitting and orthotic fabrication. Our locations are equipped to provide the highest level of comfort, alignment, stance balancing and support solutions. We take pride in custom fitting your equipment with the finest methods and materials, including Hotronic boot heater installations. This insures you are getting the best that technology has to offer, plus the experience of 30 years in the ski industry. The Thotic Shops industry relationships include the Aspen Skiing Co., both with the Pro Ski Patrol and the Aspen-Snowmass Ski Schools. We frequently fill the need for prescription and sports orthotics with a working relationship involving the Orthopaedic Associates of Aspen, Glenwood Springs and Roaring Fork Family Physicians. Precision and control of the lower extremity is the key to better performance. Balance and comfort are the ultimate goal. Achieving your performance expectations guaranteed satisfaction and customer loyalty is what we live for, well that, and 12”powder days! Now you might think that we are all about the skiing and you’d be partly correct, but we also work with world class athletes from many other sport disciplines. Golf, tennis, cycling, skating and just about any other footwear you can think of, all can benefit from customized support and fine tuned balance. Wimbledon Tennis Champions and Olympic Gold medal cyclists have been dialed in by the Thotic Shop. PGA golfers have also benefited from improvement in stance, power and accuracy with proper fit and custom orthotics. You can watch us work our magic right up front in our open-to-the-public workshop. We show our stuff our customers are fully integrated in every step of our craft. To ensure our prompt and focused attention, we request you phone ahead and make an appointment—especially during busy holiday periods. Recognized throughout the world as the premier ski and mountain resort, Aspen and Snowmass locals and guests demand the best of the best to care for their athletes. Thotic Shops has been here for 30 years, tried true and experienced. Give us a call or drop us an email.

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