Up tha Creek Expeditions

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Our History

Its exceedingly rare when the owner of a rafting company ventures on the river, much less actually guides a commercial raft trip. But exceedingly rare is exactly what you get with Up tha Creek!

Up tha Creek Expeditions was started in 1996 by Rick Covington. With over 30 years of commercial rafting experience, Rick believed that the best way to operate the company was to actively participate on river as a guide. After fourteen successful years with Up tha Creek, Rick has resigned, and in December 2010 Ryan Moyer took the reigns. Ryan moved to the Aspen Valley in 2007 from Pennsylvania. It didn’t take long for the river’s flow to bring these two paddlers together. After seeing the beauty of Colorado and its rivers first hand, and how Rick ran the company, it was an easy choice for Ryan when the opportunity came. Now his role as Owner/Guide enables him to know exactly how your trip is being conducted and to fulfill your needs from the position in the captain’s seat. With a great foundation and fresh new ideas, you can expect an unforgettable experience with Up tha Creek Expeditions!

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