Eric Johnson Artist Redstone (1939 – 2016 )

Born in Nova Scotia, Eric migrated to the US in his early twenties. Always a sculptor, he mostly worked in wood until he discovered Yule marble and settled down in Redstone for more than 22 years. In 1982 he met and married Sherry, who was able to somewhat tame Eric’s lifestyle and nurture his sculpting talent. Together they purchased the former Catholic chapel, developing it into the Redstone Art Center. They were responsible for the post 1980s resurgence of Redstone’s art community.

In 1997 Eric created his last Redstone piece, now at the south end of Redstone Park, in memory of beloved local fisherman and friend, Bob Morrison. As a final good-bye to the village he loved, he fittingly titled it “The One that Got Away.” Sherry and Eric moved to Oregon where they opened a gallery and Eric continued to sculpt.

Johnson’s sculptures are known for their intricate detail and unique artistic vision. He works primarily with stone, creating pieces that range from abstract shapes to lifelike figures. His attention to detail and mastery of the medium have earned him a reputation as one of the top sculptors in the region. In addition to his public installations, Johnson also worked on commissioned pieces for private collectors. His sculptures can be found in homes and businesses throughout the country, serving as a stunning focal point and conversation piece.

Overall, Eric Johnson’s work has greatly enriched the artistic landscape of Redstone, Colorado. His sculptures are a testament to his talent and passion for his craft and serve as a beautiful reflection of the natural beauty that surrounds the town.