Tenth Mountain Division Camp Hale

Tenth Mountain Camp Hale, located near Leadville, Colorado, is a historic site that played a crucial role in World War II. Established in 1942, the camp was the training ground for the 10th Mountain Division, a specially trained unit of soldiers who were expert skiers and mountaineers.

The 10th Mountain Division was formed in response to the need for troops who could fight effectively in mountainous and snowy terrain. Camp Hale provided the perfect setting for their training, with its rugged mountains and harsh winter conditions. Soldiers underwent rigorous training in skiing, rock climbing, ice climbing, and cold-weather survival tactics.


The soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division were known for their bravery and skill in combat. They fought in the Italian Alps, where their specialized training proved invaluable in capturing key enemy positions. The division played a crucial role in the Allied victory in Italy and is credited with significantly shortening the campaign in the European theater of the war.

After the war, Camp Hale was decommissioned and the land was returned to the US Forest Service. Today, the site is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Visitors can hike and ski in the surrounding mountains, explore the remains of the camp buildings, and learn about the history of the 10th Mountain Division at the Camp Hale Memorial. The legacy of the 10th Mountain Division lives on in the soldiers who served in the unit and the outdoor recreation industry in Colorado. Many veterans of the division went on to become ski instructors, resort developers, and outdoor gear manufacturers, helping to shape the outdoor culture of the state.

Tenth Mountain Camp Hale is a reminder of the sacrifices and achievements of the soldiers who trained there during World War II. It is a place of historical significance and natural beauty, where visitors can learn about the bravery and dedication of the men of the 10th Mountain Division.