Glenwood: Beautiful Hanging Lake in Colorado

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In 1912, the city of Glenwood Springs purchased Hanging Lake and 760 acres of surrounding land for $953. By the mid-40s, the trail had become a hot spot for travelers and tourists. Today, the lake receives over 130,000 visitors per year. Because of the high amount of traffic, the lake faces the threats of ecological disruption. Forest Service and partners are working on solutions to reduce impact and preaching hikers to “leave no trace.” Hanging Lake is located on a fault line and was formed when part of valley floor sheared off from the fault and dropped to what is now the shallow bed of the lake. The lake is a 2.5 mile round trip hike just off of I-70. The trail follows Dead Horse Creek, a tributary of the Colorado River and ascends some 1,000 feet in elevation. Behind the lake, is Spouting Rock, a larger waterfall that flows from a set of holes in the limestone cliffs of Dead Horse Canyon.

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