Glenwood Canyon Zipline Adventures

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Express Trip

Once you’re all fitted up with your gear and had a chance to practice in ground school, it’s up the launch tower for a truly unique and thrilling experience. Clip in, step off and feel the adrenaline rush as you accelerate out over the Colorado River and soar across the canyon on one of our three ziplines. Traverse the suspended bridge to the return tower and soar back across the river for a fun, easy and exciting zip with a birds-eye view of the spectacular Glenwood Canyon.

Requirements: 48inches tall and 65 to 280 lbs.
Cost: $39 per person

High Adventure

Start your adventure ascending our 40′ Climbing Wall (attempt it a few times if you dare!). Then you’re on to your next set of challenges on our High Adventure Ropes Course! Our guides will secure you with a belay line as you cross from tower to tower on our Raider Bridge, gain confidence as you reach for the Multivine Ropes and test your balance while crossing the Swinging Steps Bridge. A thrilling zip across the Colorado River and back completes this perfect adventure!

Requirements: 48 inches tall and 65 to 280 pounds
Cost: $63 per person

Ultimate Adventure

For the Ultimate Adventure, challenge yourself not to scream as you step off the Zipline tower and soar across the raging Colorado River. Our Leap of Faith trapeze jump is sure to test your nerves! Our Zipline Guide will count to three and JUMP! off the 35 foot tower reaching for the trapeze bar suspended in space.

After traversing the plank bridge, you’ll climb the tower for your zip back across the canyon. Then clip into the belay line to start the High Adventure Ropes Course. All of our high elements will challenge you mentally, while providing a fun and exciting quest. Our 40 ft Rock Climbing Wall is included for extra fun!

Requirements: 48 inches tall and 65 to 280 pounds
Cost:  $83 per person

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