Oy Vey Cafe

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Classic Jewish deli!

After Carl Menyhert found a suitable space in Aspen, he got what the Jews call shpilkes – nervous energy. Menyhert had the spot for his restaurant, but he still didn’t know what kind of place it would be, what kind of food he would serve.”After I signed the lease, I went and had a pint of beer to start thinking. And I couldn’t sleep for two nights, thinking, ‘This could be just right, or maybe that would be right,'” the 52-year-old said. “When it finally hit me – a Jewish deli! – it was like Moses parting the waters. Everything fell into place.”Maybe it shouldn’t have been such a struggle to arrive at the concept for the Oy Vey Caf, which Menyhert opened earlier this month, a new addition to Aspen’s restaurant row. Menyhert lived his teen years on New York’s Upper East Side, and landmarks of Manhattan Jewish life like H&H Bagels and the Carnegie Deli became part of his routin

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