Phat Thai

Located in the “decidedly hip & fashionable town” of Carbondale, phat thai is where “hole-in-the-wall noodle joint” meets casual neighborhood restaurant & lounge.


Ours aren’t traditional Thai restaurants. We are not Thai. We’re not even Asian. Not even close. Hell, we’ve only visited Thailand!

Don’t try to compare our green curry or phat thai with your favorite spot in Thailand. Ours is likely not equal to the one you remember, just different. Our curries aren’t striving to replicate that one you had at your favorite Thai restaurant in LA. That one’s probably better, and next time you visit, we’d like for you to bring us some take-out.

We are not attempting to create a fusion, nor copy provincial classics. We are simply inspired by the cuisine itself, and how it makes us feel.

Our cravings always migrate towards Asian, particularly Thai. The smell of mint, cilantro, and peanuts, the radiant warmth of Thai chili, the satisfying richness and funk of fish sauce, the acidic slap in the face of lime. It’s as heart-warming to us as our grandmother’s cooking… except, of course, she wasn’t Thai either.

We’re a curious new breed of southeast Asian eatery, offering imaginative food and tasty drink inspired by those travels to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and beyond: deliciously unpronounceable dishes, intriguing standards, street food, and some gringo interpretations.

We simply try to serve good food and drink. This is our homage, our adoration, and our inspiration – this is our joint in SE Asia – our version anyways.

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