Hunter Bar

2pm-2am, daily

In one of those musty and eclectically colored subterranean drinking spaces that prove Aspen nightlife still has a pub scene, Hunter Bar is the brainchild of former Argentine ski instructor Gonzo Mich who debuts a casual oasis below the buzzing street scenes of the downtown village below Kemo Sabe at Cooper and Galena. A mainstay space that’s changed names over the year, a casual set of jeans and denim-jacket wearing trendsetters descend on the amber-lit bar painted in ruby red walls and wooden bar often attended by Mich or various family members. Originally opened as an all-day tapas and apres-ski scene, the bar is mostly open at night when it attracts a casual pub scene of 40-something skiers and 20-something visitors not in the mood for the village’s more upscale lounge and dance attractions.